Thursday, November 3, 2011

selamat ulang tahun bro!

Hai..most probably he will not read my blog but I still wanna post this entry.
specially dedicated to my beloved BROTHER,
NORIZAM B. RIMAN..yes,the first brother of mine & I called him
kakang which means abg in Jawa language.
I am so thankful to have a bro like him who always gimme
some guidance in achieving the impossible thing in this sarcastic life.
Thank You Allah. Again . for giving him as a replacement of my father.
Once I looked up at him, at least it will reduce my sorrow towards my late father.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving KL for my hometown.
*temporary not permenant*
to celebrate Raya Haji with my family.
Today I just got my pay so, before going back to my
home sweet home, I'll buy my beloved mom
some stuff just because its kind of repayment of what
her did all this while even though I know
the hardness in growing me up cannot be repay by money.
I just wanna make her happy.

I dont know why.These few days my mood always swinging here & there.
I feel like crying sometimes,overjoyed sometimes & easily get angry
sometimes. sorry for mr.hubby since he had to face all my
swinging mood patiently.&today I'll treat you,okay?*

So,here is my beloved brother.
*He resembles my late a lot,huh?*

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