Sunday, December 18, 2011

myvi limited edition one and only

berangan tu tak salah.
so,to achieve sumting,berangan is a must.

Hi & assalamualaikum.
As the past entry,I was talking about quitting
my previous job.done!
so,sekarang i buat ape?tanam jagung.
hahaha.ofkos its so not me lah kan nak anggur2 bagai.
i am currently working.
in an oversea bank which is not-so-famous
to us but for the chinese,it is one
of the well known bank.
OCBC Bank.yes.not as a manager
ofkos.and not as a banker.i am only the tiny-little
part of the bank yg play the
most important role in case to sustain the customer.
CSE @ customer Service Exec.
mmg sounds mcm senang.but its kind a
hard since my studied background is not from a banking
or a card,i am a science student.
hahaha.tpi in a bank?what u really need
is LANGUAGE @ soft skill.
my grammar may berterabur but i am dare
to say that i am dare to use my english skill.haha.
so,i'll be bond with OCBC fer almost 6 months.
and after that,still working with them
if they want us.
if not,ape susah,cari kerja lainla.

what about the myvi? this.i have a dream which to have a car
within this year.but it is nearly the end of 2011
yet,i still dun have one.
so,i think i nak fulfill kan my dream nih
when i got my first salary
from ocbc.*which is half-month salary*
so,i need some times to think
but if u have any opinion,u may voice it out peeps:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

first job.last day.

after 4 months struggle stay kat cini,well,
at last aku akan melangkah pergi untuk
tinggalkan company nie,which means.meninggalkan
3 henpon nokia ku dri di bawa ke mana2.
Thank God!mls gila nk bwk hempon nih merata-rata.
but guesss what?!aku lom submit lagi notice resign!
ehehe.sbb apa?sbb boss takde dalam opis lah.
time2 nilah dia ntah ke mana.aduhai nye punn~

okay.well ekceli semlm i was attending an interview for a position
"customer service executive"..lame..i know i know.
tpi yg nih banking industry and the bank is gonna be
OCBC bank - Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation.
belom.belom kompom lagi.esok aku attend interview OCBC.
smlm baru level 1 and wat test.alhamdulillah.session smlm
was a success!esok tak tahu lah mcm mana.
why?sbb this bank client dia mostly singaporean.
you know lah kan singaporean ni..
english kene kencang beb!aku nih suam suam kuku aje.
ape2 pon,aku dh capai tahap ni,just doakan lah aku wat yg
the best ye.ammiinn.")