Tuesday, January 10, 2012

*happy late new year*wink wink

hye poeple!hye bloggers!& hye readers*ade ke?*
well,it has been a month since the last time i updated this
so,actually i was quite busy with all the new things
around me.i mean,new job,new people,new environment and all that la.
firstly,i would like to say that i am totally happy with
this new job,*one of the factor,of course the salary itself*,now is the time i shud fulfill my dreams,
TO HAVE A CAR!Myvi is totally out of my list.
*my mom didnt agree*
so,i will move to my 2nd@b plan lah.
just wait n c for my new car*new ke*
i mean new in my hand.
tak tau lah nk update ape lagi.ekceli,
i just want to jot something down so that my blog ni
tak lah bersawang.& i dah takde masa nk berblogging
ekceli since balik keje,i am verrryyy the tiredddddd!!!!!
huargh!!!baru rase macam wanita bekerjaya,u noe..
hik2..tu je la kot..bytheway,i dpt new frens yg gila2 jugak mcm i..
ittuuu yg paling best!!!they are NARMATHA,ITA & IQA..
muah muah ketat ketat lah kat diorg:)

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  1. bila mau hapdate ini blog twiwiwiwien~!!