Thursday, June 9, 2011

just so i know who is him

brape byk kali ade dgr nama dia disebot2
kat radio,kat tv.or even from my fren's,it means
that dia nih takdelah tak femes sgt
just so-so la kan.
tibe2 aku jdi rajin && act aku baru teringt about him.
tros klik google.klik2 lak google mengeluarkan
bunyik gitar yg somell.main dulu.haha,tros type his name.
&& muncullah wajah si penama tersebot.
*what a weird name,kan?*
tp spesial bcoz one in a million yg ade name cm tu.
sbb that saifullah,aku assume dia
nih islam lah kan?or aku slh??haha.takpe,pas isyak nnti aku google.
yg nk citer ni,bile aku bukak je gmbr dia..
surprised!!dia quite cool && maskulin okay.
hot stuff a bit la.but then,bila aku tgk muke dia,msti teringt
hero cter george of the jungle.
tak caye??g google nama dia.hik3

okay,next story is.smlm aku dpt 2 call for an interview.
one is from AEON && another one is from HSBC.
both i have to reject first since i am still undergoes my LI.
&& today, ELID call fer the position QA Engineer in Selangor.
again,i have to reject it.OMG.
what a good oppurtunity fer me but i have to let it go.
so,pliz not to give up yeah tien!chillax~

so,tomorrow gonna a sick day fer me as i have to
present the EIA report in front of the head of ass. manager.
since tomorrow gonna b my last day kat department tu.
next week,i ll start involve in the enforcement dept.
what a burden!kne ikot the officers pegi amik sample kat kilang2
&& so on.ape yg pasti,next week gonna b the 7th week
of LI && i have only another 5 weeks to go!!
excited!wanna start to b a career woman asap!
wanna fulfill my dream && so on.
okayla then.
nk perform isyak prayers.

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