Friday, March 18, 2011

FINAL Dinner

As you all know,yesterday was our college's Dinner night.
Yeah,it will be my last dinner in UKM
as i might be graduating on this September
Nothing much to talk about the dinner but basically,
the previous 2 years dinner still the best one,not the last night one.
why did i say so?
obviously,the Chinese are conquering the reception.
even the malay song was sang bt the Chinese!
what the hell?
we still have the malay with the best voice,
tp knape u chose the Chinese yg pakaiannye menjolok mata?
yes,its true,for them,takdelah menjolok mate sgt kan
but for majlis yg open,i mean ade malay,indian, and chinese,its
agak menjolok mata.
about the menu plak,theres so many protein instead of carbs!
can u imagine,theres chicken grill,chicken chop,satay chicken,ikan.
the carbs,nasi goreng yg amat pedas n meehun goreng yg
dh nk basi i,coleslow ade lah 1 sudu.
really tak balance meh.

so,in my conclusion n what can i see.
CHINESE really wanna conquer us.sangat.
obviously okay.mlm tdi,everything is proven!
i may sounds a bit racist tp its true.
byk sgt beza dengan if pengarah dinner tuh malay.
3 years la.i can see the difference okay.baju AJK pon dh merah.
lapik meja pon dh merah.tak ke mcm
gong xi fa chai dah?AJK pon ramai kaum diorg.
anyhow,these 3 years memories will always be in my heart
sbb once dh kje,maybe tak dpt nk g dinner free dh kot.
actuallt we pay 10 bucks fer it.huhu.
oh ya,kat ats tuh ade lah sekeping gambar dinner.
yg lain2,tgk kat fb lah ekh.
i am simple!
till then,bye!

ps:i ve been busy nowadays + the JARING is so lembab.thats what make me susah nk update blog nih.huhu

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